18 Plus Low-Calorie Snacks: A Flavorful Array of Healthy Treats

low calorie snacks

Balancing nutritional goals, snacks can either support or hinder a healthy diet’s maintenance. On one hand, it’s easy to succumb to high-calorie, sugary treats; on the other, snacking strategically can provide your body with essential nutrients while keeping your calorie intake in check.

Here, we present a diverse list of 18 plus delicious low-calorie snacks along with their serving sizes and calorie counts, ensuring you can indulge in guilt-free snacking that supports your overall health and wellness.

1. Greek Yogurt and Mixed Berries Parfait

Creamy Greek yogurt layered with a variety of mixed berries creates a sweet and tangy delight packed with protein and antioxidants.

Serving: 1 cup Greek yogurt with ½ cup mixed berries

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

2. Carrot Sticks and Hummus Snacks

Dip crunchy carrot sticks into a portion of hummus for a satisfying combination of fiber, vitamins, and plant-based protein.

Serving: 10 carrot sticks with 2 tablespoons hummus

Calories: Approximately 100 calories

3. Air-Popped Popcorn

A bowl of air-popped popcorn, lightly seasoned with herbs or nutritional yeast, offers a whole-grain, low-calorie snack that satisfies your craving for crunch.

Serving: 3 cups air-popped popcorn

Calories: Approximately 90 calories

4. Rice Cakes with Avocado Slices

Spread avocado on whole grain rice cakes for a creamy, nutrient-rich snack loaded with healthy fats and fiber.

Serving: 2 rice cakes with ¼ avocado

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

5. Hard-Boiled Eggs with Mustard

Hard-boiled eggs are a protein powerhouse. Drizzle them with a touch of mustard for a zesty kick.

Serving: 2 hard-boiled eggs with 1 teaspoon mustard

Calories: Approximately 140 calories

6. Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Combine sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, then toss them with a dash of olive oil and vinegar for a refreshing and hydrating snack.

Serving: 1 cup cucumber and tomato salad

Calories: Approximately 30 calories

7. Apple Slices with Almond Butter Snacks

Pair crisp apple slices with almond butter for a balanced snack that marries natural sweetness with healthy fats.

Serving: 1 medium apple with 1 tablespoon almond butter

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

8. Sliced Bell Peppers with Guacamole

Vibrant bell pepper strips dipped in guacamole provide a crunchy, satisfying snack rich in vitamins and minerals.

Serving: 1 cup sliced bell peppers with ¼ cup guacamole

Calories: Approximately 120 calories

9. Cottage Cheese and Pineapple Chunks

Creamy cottage cheese paired with chunks of pineapple creates a protein-packed snack with a tropical twist.

Serving: ½ cup cottage cheese with ½ cup pineapple chunks

Calories: Approximately 120 calories

10. Trail Mix with Nuts and Dried Fruits

Craft your own trail mix using a mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits for a crunchy, satisfying, and energy-boosting treat.

Serving: ¼ cup homemade trail mix

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

11. Frozen Grapes

Freeze grapes for a refreshing, bite-sized snack that’s naturally sweet and low in calories.

Serving: 1 cup frozen grapes

Calories: Approximately 100 calories

12. Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter

Spread peanut butter on celery sticks to combine the satisfying crunch of celery with the richness of nut butter.

Serving: 4 celery sticks with 2 tablespoons peanut butter

Calories: Approximately 200 calories

13. Mini Caprese Skewers

Thread cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and fresh basil leaves onto toothpicks for a flavorful and low-calorie snack.

Serving: 4 mini caprese skewers

Calories: Approximately 100 calories

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14. Banana-Oat Energy Bites

Mix mashed banana and oats, form into bite-sized balls, and refrigerate for a grab-and-go snack that’s both filling and nutritious.

Serving: 2 banana-oat energy bites

Calories: Approximately 120 calories

15. Edamame Pods

Enjoy a handful of edamame pods sprinkled with a touch of sea salt for a protein-rich, plant-based snack.

Serving: 1 cup edamame pods

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

16. Sliced Turkey Wraps

Wrap lean turkey slices around cucumber or bell pepper strips for a protein-rich snack that’s as satisfying as it is nutritious.

Serving: 4 slices lean turkey wrapped around veggies

Calories: Approximately 100 calories

17. Roasted Chickpeas

Season and roast chickpeas until crispy for a high-fiber, crunchy snack that’s full of protein.

Serving: ½ cup roasted chickpeas

Calories: Approximately 120 calories

18. Zucchini Fritters

Grate zucchini, mix with egg and breadcrumbs, then pan-fry into flavorful fritters that are low in calories and high in taste.

Serving: 3 zucchini fritters

Calories: Approximately 100 calories

19. Mini Whole Wheat Pita with Hummus

Stuff whole wheat mini pitas with hummus and sliced veggies for a filling and well-balanced snack.

Serving: 1 mini whole wheat pita with 2 tablespoons hummus

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

20. Mashed Avocado on Whole Wheat Toast

Spread mashed avocado on whole wheat toast for a simple and nutritious snack that’s rich in healthy fats and fiber.

Serving: 1 slice whole wheat toast with ¼ mashed avocado

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

21. Berry Smoothie

Blend mixed berries with low-fat yogurt and a splash of almond milk to create a refreshing and nutrient-packed smoothie.

Serving: 1 cup berry smoothie

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

22. Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt

Sprinkle steamed edamame pods with sea salt for a salty and satisfying snack that’s rich in protein and fiber.

Serving: 1 cup steamed edamame pods with a sprinkle of sea salt

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

23. Mini Veggie Quesadillas

Create mini quesadillas using whole wheat tortillas, low-fat cheese, and diced vegetables for a savory and wholesome snack.

Serving: 2 mini veggie quesadillas

Calories: Approximately 150 calories

24. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Dip fresh strawberries in dark chocolate for a guilt-free dessert-like snack that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Serving: 5 chocolate-dipped strawberries

Calories: Approximately 100 calories

25. Watermelon Cubes

Enjoy juicy watermelon cubes for a hydrating, low-calorie snack that’s perfect for quenching your thirst and satisfying your hunger.

Serving: 1 cup watermelon cubes

Calories: Approximately 30 calories

18 Plus Low-Calorie Snacks: Final Verdict

Embracing a diet of low-calorie snacks doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. With the serving sizes and calorie counts provided for these 25 snacks, you can maintain your health goals while treating your taste buds to a delightful journey of textures and flavors. These snacks prove that mindful eating can be both delicious and nourishing, supporting your well-being with every bite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some satisfying low-calorie snacks that you would recommend for someone looking to manage their weight?

Certainly! Some great low-calorie snacks include veggies with hummus, Greek yogurt with berries, air-popped popcorn, and rice cakes with cottage cheese.

Can you provide a list of low-calorie snacks that are high in protein to help keep me fuller for longer?

Of course! You might enjoy options like hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, edamame, and a combination of apple slices with nut butter.

I’m trying to find alternatives to unhealthy snacks. What are some tasty low-calorie options that I can substitute for chips and candy?

I understand. You can try air-popped popcorn seasoned with spices, vegetable slices with salsa, or roasted chickpeas as crunchy alternatives.

Could you suggest some easy-to-prepare low-calorie snacks that I can take with me to work or school?

Absolutely! Consider preparing sliced veggies with a portable hummus cup, a small bag of mixed nuts, or yogurt and fruit in a resealable container.

Are there any creative combinations of fruits and vegetables that make for delicious and low-calorie snack options?

Definitely! You could pair sliced cucumber and watermelon with a sprinkle of chili powder for a refreshing twist, or mix carrot sticks and jicama with a squeeze of lime.

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